Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Oh What a Night (revisited!)

For self-preservation purposes, I decided, long before I had even set foot in The Mermaid for the sound-check, that there was no way that we could have a replay of April's gig.

I mean, what are the chances of having, again, an audience that properly listened, sang along, clapped and cheered for more? What are the chances that the atmosphere would be, again, party, almost weekend-like? What are the chances that us, as a band, would have the best time ever and arrive home totally buzzing from the best gig ever?

Well, what d'ya know? It happened. Last night's gig was as good as the last and dare I say it, possibly better!

Why was it better? Well, there was comedy too. Like our gigs in general, the comedy was unrehearsed and totally organic - not a script or MC in sight. The comedy came in many forms.

A member of the audience could see a man in his bathroom through one of the pub windows and declared loudly: "I can see a naked man!" This was made even funnier by the fact that to everyone else it looked like she was pointing at our fully dressed bass player! Anyway, after a few 'Sid James does panto' quips - along the lines of 'That's not a loofah!' - we carried on playing.

We all enjoyed the hilarious endings to songs with the funniest being Mac finishing too early on Lily Allen's 'It's Not Fair' - oh, the irony! But the grand finale had to be Mac reading out the details of a football match instead of what was scrawled on the other side of the flyer publicising next week's duo! It's clear that our audiences love seeing us make mistakes. To them, when we're good, we're very, very good but when we're bad, we're better!

Between the slapstick, we played tight, tuneful, well-chosen songs with beautiful harmonies delivered with energy and a sense of fun. This is why people keep coming back for more - and we're so glad they do.

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